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February 28, 2015  
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Why go to the student when you can go to the teacher?
Dr. Jim Hannigan, O.D.

Dr. Jim Hannigan is a primary care specialist in personal vision diagnosis, detection and treatment. We offer the most advanced technology and procedures to use in complete eye exams, including digital imaging of the retina which can be done without dilation. Our eye care is more than just eye wear....

  • Our standard of practice is management of glaucoma, eye diseases, foreign body removal and pink eye. Our attention to detail enables us to detect the early signs of cataracts, diabetes and hypertension.
  • We prescribe medications for eye conditions and serve as an information source on new advances in eye care treatment.
  • We offer the most current laser vision correction care for patients, as well as manage all pre and post-operative care for patients seeking laser or other refractive procedures.

Dr. Hannigan has been serving patients for the past 27 years.